Why is WordPress the best CMS system

When WordPress came onto the market it quickly gained a bad reputation for being simple, meek blog software, WRONG as WordPress powers the entire website as well as the blog.  The website you are looking at right now is WordPress, sure this is the blog section but go to another page web design for example that’s WordPress, maybe web marketing that too is WordPress. WordPress currently powers 75 million websites, a number which is constantly growing.  Well known sites such as Forbes, The New York Times and eBay all use WordPress.  Are you impressed yet? Well if you are not here are ten facts why WordPress is so great.

  1. Google loves WordPress

Google loves WordPress, well not WordPress itself but the way WordPress formats information. This is because WordPress websites are text based, this structure makes it much easier for Googles search bots to discover your pages and index them more effectively, in addition Google favours more basic web design in comparison to big glossy graphic filled pages with no substance.  WordPress sites are text based, which in turn helps boost your SEO and makes it easier for potential customers to find you on the internet.

  1. Save money

No longer do you need to go to designers or developers to change or add new pages to your website. With WordPress you can make the changes yourself, whenever you wish and save the money you would have paid for a web developer. In this day and age where money is tight having a WordPress page is highly cost effective.

  1. Accessibility

You can make changes; add new pages from any internet connected computer in the world without the need for additional software or changing or fixing the firewall settings which can become confusing.

  1. Easy ISH

WordPress was designed to be easy to use, and this is one of its biggest selling points in comparison to other CMS systems such as Drupal or Joomla. WordPress is also much more user friendly, learning to post new pages or edit existing content is easy. Learning to use most of the sites commands takes no more than a few hours; this would be made even easier by taking a training session, even over the phonefrom a professional web developer.

  1. Increased functionality and Zero cost

WordPress offers thousands of pre written pieces of code which are additional programmes for the site called plugins. Conventionally everything on a web site had to be custom coded onto the site, but with these out the box software there is no need to pay a developer to add a programme that could take a while to fully integrate into the site.

  1. Universal platform

Now a days web developers are reluctant to take on someone else’s work due to the different code structuring, often the result of this is starting from scratch. Conversely anyone who has a basic understanding of PHP and MYSQL can jump onto a WordPress site and make changes with no fear of making mistakes which could damage the site.

  1. Safety

One of the best attributes of a WordPress site is that you can preview any changes made before the changes are made to live viewers, this helps prevent any mistakes from being uploaded. In addition, for extra safety WordPress sites take a screenshot of each page, meaning, if you do make a mistake you can easily load back a previous saved version of the page, saving you if you make a mistake you find difficult to undo.