Ethical, transparency, Effective are our working principles. We know our business with over 15 years of managerial experience

White Hat Web Design was the brainchild of Keith Stephenson in 2006. Working with a team of talented designers, developers, content writers and multi-channel marketing specialists. White Hat offers the complete solution from design to development and most importantly the marketing of your web business.

We talk in plain English and don’t dazzle you with technical jargon that you don’t need to know.

The internet came to the UK in 1993, Keith has been involved in the web since 1996 with his first website launched in 1997 a former general insurance broker launching over 20 insurance websites with online purchase way back in 1999 when it was unheard of and revolutionary using cartoons characters to try to make insurance palatable and less boring long before talking parrots, dogs and meerkats. Keith has extensive experience and there are very few experts that really have the depth of experience. The internet is now part of every day life, it is growing and continually evolving and we are all learning something new every day. Nothing stands still, what was popular and worked 6 months ago can be old hat now and out of favour with the search engines and the discerning public.

Why The Name White Hat? – There are three types of web design and marketing.
Black Hat
Is deceptive and deliberately attempting to cheat Google ranking with under hand techniques which can get you penalised or at worse dumped from the Google index.
Grey Hat
Is edgy and potentially on the risky side of the line which can cause the client problems if Google move the goal posts. Doing things that are ‘Grey or black Hat’ runs the risk of demotion by Google or at worst removal from their results all together never to be seen again.
White Hat
Is clean, transparent and honest, which may take longer to achieve results but not going to cause your site ranking problems with Google.

White Hat Web Marketing Ltd (formerly White Hat Web Design, a partnership) was incorporated in October 2013. All of the developers and designers working with White Hat are UK based. We feel our clients prefer the benefits of local sourcing in terms of communication, quality, responsiveness and relationships. Our scope of business includes, web marketing advice, logo design, branding, bespoke web site design, development of systems, e-commerce platforms, payment integration, online quotation systems, database driven sites, as well as web marketing channels and video production. Proficient in php all sites are constructed in accordance with W3C compliance using XHTML, CSS.

As bespoke designers and php proficient developers we can build any web based system given the criteria and clear instruction. Working with multi-million corporate requiring intranets, quotation systems and secure data capture, White Hat is a professional ‘one stop’ solution for web design, branding, marketing, development. Web businesses require targeted traffic to achieve sales results, White Hat deliver a professionally created site that is user friendly, built to a high standard, clean functionality using the latest methods. White Hat Web Designs hope to guide you through the technical jargon and internet speak and talk to you in your language and above all listen to you to deliver what you expect.

We trust we can be of service to you as we are good at our business like you are good at yours.