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Identifying Your Perfect Client

There is a lot of truth in the familiar business maxim that 80% of your sales will come from only 20% of your clients. So it’s logical to try and ensure that as much of this magic 20% as possible … more >>

GDPR will impact on your business


In May of 2018, the GDPR will come into force. This is the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’, to replace the old outdated rules, which in a nutshell are the strict new stricter rules all companies no matter how small … more >>

Cyber Security

Your business is more than 750 times more likely to experience cyber crime than suffer a fire, theft, injury to an employee or be sued for professional negligence and the consequences can be just as severe including financial loss, reputational more >>

Protect Your Business Data

The government estimates that the total cost of cybercrime in the UK is £27bn a year. The majority (£21bn) is committed against businesses, which face high levels of intellectual property theft and industrial espionage.

Don’t think for one minute your … more >>

Video Production

Images speaks more than words then moving images in a promotional video has to be the ultimate way to deliver your message.

White Hat is now proud to have a couple of talented video production guys working with White Hat … more >>


What is a SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) are small data files used to encrypt data between the users web browser and the server to which it is communicating with. The primary reasons why SSLs are used is to protect sensitive information … more >>

Is your Website Colour Losing you Business?

Is your Website Colour Losing you Business?

The Language of Colour

Colour has a significant impact on the way we respond and can influence both our emotions and actions. Whilst some colours such as red for danger or even green for pharmacists are associated with specific meanings … more >>