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Pay per Click, Google Analytics, Metric Measurement, Understanding CTR, CPC. Effective PPC requires proof of concept, careful campaign set up and Scalability.

If you’re PPC is not earning you sales then you need to make a change and start managing your PPC with White Hat. We provide a free consultation and review of your PPC account to see if we can improve its performance, reduce your costs CPC [Cost per Click] and CPA [Cost per Acquisition of sale] and get more sales and new clients for less money. We guarantee a better ROI [Return on Investment] or our fee back.
About Us
Based in Sidcup we are only 25 minutes from London Bridge, easy to commute to and happy to meet at your offices to discuss progress and changes ‘face to face’ on a regular basis or ours.

We have been managing pay per click campaigns for the past 8 years, ranging from Financial Services including foreign exchange and mortgage companies, dating, watches, retail.  We have considerable amount of knowledge and experience in dealing with competitive industries and environments to get the best return on your spend.

We manage client’s PPC accounts ranging from £500 to thousands of pounds per month.

The Steps We Take To Manage Your PPC
  • Keyword Research
  • Target Title
  • Account Structure
  • Advert Scheduling
  • Identifying Target Audience
  • Advert Design
  • Landing Pages
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Setting Budgets
  • Re-Branding
  • Content Network
Keyword research

Keyword research is vitally important at the start of any campaign. It is critical research before any campaign starts – especially in highly competitive markets where the cost per click can be expensive if judged incorrectly. We advise on the type of phrases that will cost you less. It’s all about driving target specific traffic to the site that actually want to buy your product and not just traffic that uses up budget. We carry out extensive testing before we launch a campaign to test the market to obtain ‘proof of concept’ to ensure we can get the best return on your investment. We make sure everyone is informed every step of the way, and to measure advertising testing, which will be improving all the time.

Target Title / Account Structure / Advert Scheduling Identifying Target Audience / Exact & Broad Match / Advert Design & Creation / Landing Pages / Call to Action / Conversion Tracking

We add conversion tracking, to measure how successful the campaign is, where the visitors have come from, what pages they visited while on the site is also important.

Daily & monthly budgets

Deciding daily and monthly budgets is up to you. It would be wrong of us to state that you need to spend x or y per month or day, even though many companies do. It does make it easier to manage with an increased budget, but with ad scheduling, constant research into better, more pro-active keywords and most importantly our experience, we believe that we can make it work for you.

Content network

Content network is another medium that we can target, to increase awareness on Google partner websites at a lower cost than search. Over time we will also be able to see where the advert is shown, and the cost each lead has been to obtain. We separate both mediums so that we can compare how effective one is against the other.

We provide a free initial consultation and review of your PPC account to demonstrate our ability to improve performance, reduce your costs CPC [Cost per Click] and CPA [Cost per Acquisition of sale] and get more sales for less costWe offer a combination of services as a web design house with in-house copywriting, social media, web design, development skills we offer you a ‘one stop’ to best manage your PPC campaign from inception, redesign and modification of your pages, creating of adverts, landing pages, content creation we provide the total range of services in-house to get the very best from your PPC Campaign.


Our management fees according to your monthly budget

Monthly Budgets up to £1,000 10%
£1,000 to £5,000 10%
£5,001 to £10,000 10%
£10,001 to £20,000 8%
Above £20,000   Negotiable 6%

If you would like to improve your PPC results call 020 8300 6531 NOW and speak to Keith or email your details for a free PPC analysis and consultation keith@whdesign.co.uk



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